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Motul MoCOOL vs. Water Wetter

Just installed Cobb and want to protect the engine from the additional load. FMIC isn't in the works until next year, so for now I just want to upgrade coolant. I have noticed my oil temps have creeped up about 10 degrees on the track over the last year, so I suspect a coolant flush would help. I live in Orlando and my car is garaged overnight, so I very rarely see subfreezing temperatures. I think an 80-20 blend of distilled water and coolant will be a good solution.

I've seen also seen two products mentioned that I am interested in - Motul MoCOOL and Water Wetter. If I use Water Wetter, I should just add the bottle on top of the 80-20 blend. If I use MoCOOL, it is not an additive and is the coolant itself that is the 20 in the blend. Is this correct?

Also, from personal experience of other track junkies - which is the better solution between MoCOOL and Water Wetter?