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I just bought it... Opened up the box and it had the muffler and the y-pipe. I didn't have time to cut the old section (resonater) off, so I just installed the muffler section until tomorrow. Auto skills center closes so early here, its hard to get anything done.

I figured it has 1400 miles, its time for a oil change. While I was at it I went ahead and threw the muffler section on. Oil change and muffler install took about 35 minutes thanks to a lift.

I went on a short drive after and this thing is a lot quieter then I thought it would be. It almost sounds quieter then stock at idle, although it has a different tone. But when you take it above 4k you can really hear the difference.

I'll take a cold start video tomorrow morning with my GoPro along with some driving around. Then I'll install the Y-pipe as soon as I can and take a video so I can compare how it sounds.

I'll post some pics tonight sometime