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Originally Posted by jamier27 View Post
Hi all

Finally got myself a 135i, only had it an hour lol and have not yet seen it in daylight eeeek

All seems well, it was a risky purchase (and still is tbh) did a deal with a guy over the phone and did a few checks with the bmw computer and HPI.

Anyway its arrived home (in law picked it up this morning on his truck) and it drives spot on tho tbh it feels gutless but then coming from a mapped 335d most things will, i think i need to learn to use all the revs again, got too lazy with the 525lbs ft of torque....

Anyone from cumbria??

having a little meet with some freinds on the 24th of november and going for a jaunt either up hartside or up to the borders if anyones interested.
Congrats on the purchase. A little fettle will help things along as its a lighter car than the 3.

Get yourself along to babybmw, good crowd and a few meets throughout the year.

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