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I'm not leaning towards the HPFP since I don't have long cranks or any problems once the car is warm. I've never seen someone with a failing HPFP report problems like that.

The injectors are my #1 suspect as I found that bulletin somewhere on the forums regarding which series number of injectors qualified for a recall and all 6 of mine qualify (if I was in the US) but unfortunately BMW doesn't do any recalls here. Of course from my understanding one would also have to barcode scan them against the database of suspected faulty batches which I can't do. However, the whole "everything working when warm" thing really throws me and I don't want to spend $700 on 6 new injectors until I am fairly certain they are the cause, so I started this thread to get as many options listed.

Looking down the bore into which the injectors plug into, there is a lot of, I believe the technical term is "crap", and the injectors themselves are dirty. I'm not sure how to safely clean this bore, and I think it might be necessary before plugging in new injectors. The TIS manual says you can slide the old injector in and out to try and clean it but it's not working for me, it just always comes out dirty again (the injector). When looking down the bore, is the thing you see the same intake valve that can be accessed if taking off the intake manifold?