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I bought the US version of the PE and shipped it over to the UK. The plate states the 806 part number however it also states that this is for the UK market...oddly. Anyway, I chose 806 over 805 as the 805 sometime misses out the Y-Pipe which I wanted (even though I never plan to fit it, custom/berk mids planned instead). I chose to buy this exhaust from overseas to play the exchange rates, I got a much better deal which I owe to Dackel

I cannot say whether this exhaust is louder vs Euro versions however, I can say that on cold start it is very loud. The tone is definitely deeper during normal driving and WOT is a lot of fun . This is axle-back only but definitely an improvement over stock & golf-tee. It's covered 200miles only so let's see if things change in a few months.