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Originally Posted by kleach18 View Post
I installed them....
I just removed the intake ducts to make it easier to reach down inside and pop the clips out. I didn't have any of those special pick tools so I just used a allen wrench but it worked..

Here are some pictures, I know my car is dirty but I'm tired of washing it just so the rain can make it dirty again 2 hours later.. I miss the sun
Major improvement! Thanks for contributing to the 'zing da bling' campaign.

I also went to great lengths the first time in removing and installing grill, but since then I've had massive experience. So I'm heartily in the Dackel camp when it comes to just grabbing and pulling to remove, then positioning and pushing the new grills to seat them. Takes all of 30 seconds per side.

Try it next time, unless of course you truly enjoy sweating the small stuff.
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