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Originally Posted by Sportsguy34 View Post
Just use CAN EASE saver option next time you order from ECS. Will give you an upfront price including everything, so no extra charges to worry about.
I looked into that, but it was a lot more expensive. I used the UPS brokerage rate table to see that it should have been about $29 brokerage, but that didn't include the other fees they add plus for some reason they base the brokerage amount based on the total including shipping charges which bumped me from the $150-$200 range into the $200-$300 range increasing the fee to $45, plus there is a $6 and $5.50 fees that they tack on, but can't really justify what they are for.

Estimating about 10% duty (which was bang on), and $29 brokerage UPS worked out cheaper.