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Question for fellow dct owners

Hi all, purchased my 135 last Friday , its a 2011 dct convertible with 4900 kms ex demo. I hope to be an active member here in the future.

I love the car for the most part but wanted to ask a couple questions regarding the dct.

I have noticed that when kicking back a gear the car will sit there making alot of noise (revving) but not actually go anywhere like the clutch has not engaged yet and then 1-2 secs later bang off she goes, I was wondering if this is normal or is it something I should get checked out. All other dct functionality seems to be good

I have noticed alot of talk in these forums regarding the dme software causing a some throttle lag and genuine poor performance, but I'm not sure if this is one and the same issue. I do notice that when I'm in the driveway i have to press the throttle down slightly more than I would think is necessary for it to move but i've never had a drive by wire throttle system before.

if anyone could shed some light on the subject id be very appreciative.