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Not changing my list quite yet but rather upgrading one of my choices. The SLS Black! I would pass on the yellow color but otherwise this car is wicked!

-"6.2-liter V8 raising the output to 622 hp, 8000RPM!"
-"At 3,417 pounds, the SLS AMG Black Series has dropped a total of 154 pounds compared to the SLS AMG GT."

Auto Blog, Nov.9th:

Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
In no particular order, this is what I would have in my 5car garage if I had the money:
-Ferrari California
-Porsche Panamera Turbo S
-MB SLS 'gullwing'
-Porsche Carrera GT

I know some will be puzzled by some of my choices but I got 2 small boys so I had to throw in a few cars I can enjoy with my entire family. IMO the Panamera is the best 4 door sedan, it is capable of things a 4 should not be, very roomy as well. The X5M is the closest I can stomach to getting and SUV/SAV. The California is a 4-seater exotic, is a hard top convertible, most beatiful Ferrari design in many years IMO(best of all worlds). The GT is a no brainer and the SLS I can't explain, I just like the way the car looks(even the original 1955 SLS).

Also, this thread needs pictures!

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