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Originally Posted by EuroTunerz5
Anyone else think the noise somewhat takes away from the "clean" sound of our cars? Looks amazing and I think it's probably amazing for track cars and those who want to really hear the turbo but maybe I am getting old at 26.... I like the clean sound of the inline 6 to overpower the sound of my turbo

Anyone want to buy a BMS intake from me? Brand new!!
I actually felt the same way after I bought mine and considering there really isn't any noticeable gains with it I sold men after having it for about 3 months. I realized I appreciate a nice sound from an inline 6 rather than the turbo. My last car was a mazdaspeed3 and Japanese car engines sound like shit so of course then I wanted my turbo to be as audible as possible lol but the sound if the 135's engine alone is beautiful.