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Originally Posted by GJA003 View Post
Hahahaha yeah my friend with a E46 confirmed my of the lifetime BS when he did his. Hence why i want to do mine. The other thing i was wondering about is where are central jacking points for these 1 series. I know there are 4 under neath on the skirts but kinda want to get the stands in them ( If thats safe ) Edit: Wait like you have it jacked
I used my 2.5 ton floor jack. It can lift the car fairly high, probably ~65cm's (or two feet high). I lifted the car from the rear jacking pad on the side of the car... the car will tilt slightly but its not that bad. I put a jack stand on the front pad. Then I lifted the car from the other rear pad and set a jack stand under the other front pad. Then I lifted the rear of the car from the diff pumpkin. I put a block of wood under the diff when lifting it.

Some say not to jack/rasie the car from the diff... but I did not see any other way I could life the rear of the car safely. I really do not see how this could damage the car. So that is what I decided to do.