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Originally Posted by EINSER M View Post
01:11 "moi je monte pas dedans" ["Me, I ain't getting inside"] ha ha ha ha
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My wife said exactly the same thing when I bring my ex-997 back from Germany......
I know a lawyer who had always drooled about a 911 but never got one because of his wife's veto (the usual reasons we all know).

His daughter told me that, at his 50th birthday, a brand new 911 unexpectedly parked on the driveway. Her father stepped out and said "It's my birthday !". Game, set and match.

It happened more than 20 years ago and the guy is currently on his third or fourth 911. Faithful to the brand and the ad slogan "Porsche. There is no substitute".

Alike the 1M: if you want it and it's no financial burden on the family budget, why not, even if it's in Valencia Orange ?
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