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I was accelerating (with wide open throttle) on to a very long freeway access road when at around 4500-5000 rpms and climbing (probably in 3rd gear) my engine had a very sudden and immediate drop/cut in RPMs and power. It felt like something had " blown or popped" or almost like a switch had been thrown to cut engine power.

I immediately thought "there goes the charge pipe". The check engine light came on and the engine ran very rough at lower rpms while I limped off the freeway. Engine light turned off after a few miles and after a few more miles of cautious driving normal engine response returned. After a few days of driving everything seems normal and there are nor service codes or warnings. Any ideas of what may have caused this? It was such an extreme event and then to have no continuing driveability issues seems odd. (2009 N54 47K miles)