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OEM M3 paddles for DCT e8X Progress Thread

Okay guys so as some of you know I purchased oem m3 DCT paddles, extended f1 paddle upgrades, and a complete m3 oem wheel. Install was smooth as butter and right off the bat I know as far as the paddles go I had to switch the wire in pin 2 on the m3 paddles to pin 1. However as most of you reported it still doesn't work. So I took the paddles apart and inspected each circuit board. The result? Well, the LCI oem DCT paddles for the e8x have tiny resistors inline on the board to regulate the current while the oem m3 paddles do not. I believe this is the reason the m3 paddles don't work so I am going to attempt to add resistors inline on each wire from the paddles and see if I can get these working! If I can the hope is that someone like BMS will produce a small PNP harness with resistors to helps us all out! Pics coming soon!!
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