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Originally Posted by Exite View Post
You guys get 5ft of snow dumped on you every weekend or what?
Sometimes it feels like it. Or you get an inch every day for a week straight. Even when it's not snowing, it can take days before things are totally clear. They are plowed and such yes but still have patches around. Low temps don't just hit with a storm and last a few days, it'll stay single digits for weeks straight which means nothing melts if there's not enough sun / wind to take it straight to sublimation.

Also, snow tires stay soft in real cold temps, more so than all seasons and much more so than straight summer performance tires. Even when it's totally dry out, if it's cold you can light your summer tires up across an entire intersection and stop only when you finally feel like it. They're like little round rolling bricks.

Anyhow, LOL, yeah we get crap driving conditions. You'd have to live here I guess to really know.