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You guys in the mid west/east coast always make a big deal about having to change wheels/tires out, but isn't it mostly flat? You guys get 5ft of snow dumped on you every weekend or what?
I guess if you're talking about someone who lives in rural Iowa or Illinois, then you might have a point. Should you live in Minneapolis when it snows and you have to go to work, you need to deal with a million other drivers in a metro area of 3.2M people (think Orange County). We had 1/4 inch of snow today that fell during the AM rush hour. A coworker who normally has a 10-12 minute commute, had his commute take 45 minutes. This was due to all the accidents and spinouts. Fortunately, this is my last winter in MN, as I'm relocating to Orange County the 1st week of January.
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