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Originally Posted by Freon View Post
#1, Don't slip the clutch, let off the gas! The clutch is not for traction control. I have no idea why you would slip the clutch in reaction to not hooking up. That is a horrible idea.

#2, Limited slip diff

#3, Sticky tires

There's no magic want for this. 350+whp is a lot to put down through two 245-275mm street tires in 1st gear. Don't peg the throttle so hard in 1st. (2) Leave TC on until you know how to drive the car.
Who told you to not slip the clutch? im most curious... because you are 110% dead wrong... yes its hard on the clutch, but the question wasnt "how can i drive my car softer" it was how can i hook better...
you slip the clutch to reduce shock on the tire...

(2)right, because youve obviously displayed an enormous amount of car driving knowledge as your credentials for telling someone how to drive... whats going to happen if he lets of the throttle? sure itll stop spinning, and as soon as he lays in again, itll begin spinning... you need to spend some time at the 1320

Originally Posted by chesterfan1230 View Post
have LSD and my car hooks like a Monster off the line. 2.0 60ft times at a minimum with crappy Hankook V12s
doesnt need an LSD, just needs to reduce the shock on the tire is all, not to mention it was a brisk morning in houston today, the streets were likely cool, and his car was probably making a tad more power..

i 2.0'd my 60' on 50k OEM runflats...

Phrenetik, i know youve seen me launch my one multiple times, here is my advice...

check tire pressure, now let 5psi out.. thats a start.. practice coming out of the clutch slowly and smoothly, let it start to pull the car forward before applying gas, this will reduce any shock against the tire, the next most important thing is to not go straight to the floor, practice rolling into the throttle, and to fix your inbetween gears spin, simply slow your shifts down, you likely wont be losing any races by .1 of a second, so that extra hard slamming of the gears isnt going to help you do anything but spin... focus on shifting the same way you take, off... let the clutch grab and begin to pull the car, and slowly roll into the throttle, this whole action needs to be as smooth as possible...

practice practice practice