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Originally Posted by MysticblueX3 View Post
So I've read here a few times here and there that people recommend changing out their spark plugs at 45k. I'm already out of warranty and I was going to do it myself following the DIY in the DIY section. I currently have 46k miles on the car. I called the parts department to get price on the plugs and the guy told me that they are 100k plugs and I should be fine. He didn't even try to sell me the plugs saying stuff like its good for 100k by recommends 45k. He just says I don't need them.

So is there a reason to change them at 5K? Or do the people on the board just change them at 45k for the same reason why some people change their oil every 5k instead of the bmw recommended 15k/1yr?

NO change them at 45,000 open your manual book some were in the last pages it says

135I SPARK PLUGS ARE DUE at 45,000 AND 128i at 100,000