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Coming from a IRS 06 GTO with around 370 rwhp I never slipped the clutch. I bring it up to 2300 rpms and side step the clutch which always resulted in low 1.8x 60' times on 245 all-season tires with about 10k miles on them. The GTO is worse than the 1er with wheel hop and even on the street I would not slip the clutch. Then when the rear would hop or scream for traction I'd just ease of the gas a little then ease back into it.

Slipping the clutch is good for the drag strip as there are a number of cars that like this better than side stepping. Especially when you get into the higher HP numbers. You could try to ease into the gas and not just jab it upon shifting or launching.

I've yet to take this car to the drag strip but I can side step the clutch with no issue's. Of course I'm stock but we'll see what I can do at the track next year.