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Originally Posted by andrey_gta
Originally Posted by can128
Good advice. I definitely don't plan on doing any major modifications like that, I was just wondering if anyone has.
Personally I don't see the need to have a turbo/charged 128i or 135i in the GTA. Mostly due to Insurance cost & lack of fast public roads to take advantage of 135i power.
So enjoy the 128i for what it is - one of the last high revving Naturally Aspired BMW inline six cars

High revving? Compared to what? The S54 in the E46 M3 was a high revving N/A BMW inline 6. I'm not sure calling the N52 a "high revving N/A I6" is an accurate term compared to an engine like that. Don't get me wrong, I love the N52 but you are way over romanticizing what it is.

And no need because you don't have high speed limits? Put someone in a 128i and then a 135i and ask which was more fun from 0 to 40. I know, I live in a small beach community where the top speed in my general area is 45. My 1M is way more fun than my 128i I used to have. I'm sure I would say the same if I had a 135i.