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Well, every time I've done something I've been hesitant because I'm pretty paranoid and extra-careful, but most times it's turned out much better than at the dealer, which always breaks something. =)

My understanding about bumping the starter is regarding getting the "other" valves to close for the cleaning (i.e. the backside of the intake valves). If however I was doing the Liqui Moly route and it says to flush this stuff out, that would require a longer cranking right?

I'm still making a plan regarding what to do, but I think after cleaning the back side of the intake valves i.e. where the walnut blasting is done, I will also do the Liqui Moly thing inside via the spark plug holes, for the reason that looking in there things are really covered in black gunk, including injectors, spark plugs, and most likely exhaust valves too for that matter.