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Originally Posted by smellthebeans View Post

Also, prior to bringing in wheels for the change I remove and clean off all of the old adhesive with a mild solvent.

My tire shop (Reifen Wagner) has this dishwasher box/machine that a complete tire wheel goes inside of. They charge 8 euros per wheel and DAMM it did a great job cleaning BOTH sides of the alloys. My old e39 5er had THE worst brake pad dust buildup(from the last owner). The alloys looked all burnt and nasty from old pad dust left to sit and corrode the wheels. I opted for their "dishwasher" machine. AND Damm if it did not make the wheels look brand new! I could not believe it was my old alloys!

Also... most tire shops and dealers over here will store your winter/summer tires for you. They is a small fee per year. I keep my old wheels/tires... but I thought I would mention this.