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Originally Posted by EINSER M View Post
Has anyone been successful w/ this PVC TMPS defeat? I just went to HD and followed the DIY and made sure my PVC was air tight (submerged in water) and the TPMS would initialize and reset but after a while reverts back to malfunction mode....its not working. So...should this even work in theory or or am I doing something wrong?
The above PVC pipe trick won't work on BMW TPMS. Our sensors also need to spin in order to stay "active". I know this from when I had a nail in one of my tires(but it wasn't flat just low!) and I installed my spare... put the wheel with the TPMS in the trunk. For a mile or two all was good. But then the TPMS will not see the wheel spinning and the TPMS light & gong(!) will go off.

Only solution is a second set of TPMS sensors.

You can also have the TPMS coded to the euro(ECE) system like smellthebeans posted above.