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Originally Posted by deploytosave View Post
Who told you to not slip the clutch? im most curious... because you are 110% dead wrong... yes its hard on the clutch, but the question wasnt "how can i drive my car softer" it was how can i hook better...

you slip the clutch to reduce shock on the tire...
Our drivetrains have a dual mass flywheel, plenty of other cushion in the driveline, and an engine that is quite responsive to throttle changes. Maybe that's a great solution for your rail car with a solid clutch, but there is no reason in a 135i as opposed to letting off the throttle. Especially on the street. There's no reason to slip the clutch much beyond the launch. If you spin you are using too much throttle. This is a massively powerful engine.

OP is not a professional drag racer with a solid clutch disk, drag radials, solid driveshaft. This is a street car, street tires (he doesn't even want to get 140TW tires...), on the street, with probably 350whp+... He will never "hook" in 1st with his foot all the way in. Never. Will not happen. He has no idea how to drive his car. Step 1 is he needs to stop pushing the throttle all the way in 1st gear on the street with his 200+TW street tires.

(2)right, because youve obviously displayed an enormous amount of car driving knowledge as your credentials for telling someone how to drive... whats going to happen if he lets of the throttle? sure itll stop spinning, and as soon as he lays in again, itll begin spinning... you need to spend some time at the 1320
Appeals to authority, personal attacks, unstated unassumptions. There is no reason for me to respond to any of this other that to point out the flaws. This paragraph is a non-starter for having a reasoned discussion. You're going to have to try harder.
i 2.0'd my 60' on 50k OEM runflats...
All sorts of problems here.
1. Conditions? Track prep? Suspension? There's no great way to compare across what anyone else might say.
2. Plenty of people have done much better, including myself. You undermine your own personal attacks and appeals to authority by posting a fairly typical time for people who are somewhat decent at launching.
3. I simply cannot fathom an OEM runflat that lasts to 50k (mi or km) without exploding, or throwing belt wires all over the highway. No way. It's barely a 20k mile tire. If you are riding on OEM runflats with that many miles you are a hazard to everyone else on the street. STOP IT.
check tire pressure, now let 5psi out..
No, leave the recommended pressure in the tire. First, go to a drag strip. Accept that on the street you will not be able to put down 350+whp, and you will spin your way through 1st and possibly 2nd if you put a brick on your accelerator pedal. You'll be lucky to do so even on the strip with street tires at least in 1st. If you really could put that kind of power down you should be down to ~1.7 short times, maybe even better.

practice practice practice
Well, we can agree there at least...
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