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Originally Posted by burnsniper View Post
Depends ... it does in my 1M and I believe this is because I am running a square winter setup with 245s in the rear (vs 265s). Since these tires have a smaller diameter the car thinks that they are already spinning faster than they should relative to the fronts and thus the TC intervenes way sooner (even when the tires are nowhere near their grip limit).

Also, if your winter tires are new, they may not be broken in yet.
Are you sure this is a factor? BMW sold tires for the 128i in size ranges from 16" - 18" (16" square winter tires, 17" stock non-sport suspension and 18" sports suspension in Canada). I've had both 17" winter square setup and 18" summer tires on the car and have never had this issue. If it were tire diam between front and rear was an issue wouldn't all the non 1addict 1ers equipping their car with 16" winters would be traction lighting all over the place with DSC on?

I'm just thinking the DSC is very sensitive and it isn't getting the grip its comfortable with with the winter tires on and intervenes early. Does the problem happen in DTC mode?