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Originally Posted by xcharles1
Originally Posted by Internev View Post
In a wholly original move, I'll put my hand up as having a BSM 130i in Melbourne too.

If it was 4 months ago, you might have purchased the 130i I was thinking about getting at BMW Melbourne - sun roof and cream interior? I ended up getting one a couple of months later in Sydney and driving it down which was a nice little getting to know you.

I'm not sure I've actually seen another black one, despite how many posts there are here. I do regularly see a silver one zipping up and down Hoddle st in the mornings though.
Internev, that's the one I bought! :-) Small world.

It wasn't perfect, but did have potential. A little pressing and they agreed to get the dents in the rear bumper fixed, the scratches under the front bumper fixed, bluetooth fixed, gear knob and driver chair re-furbed, and I had a few claims under the statutory warranty (got the front rotors done for free that way).

I see a blue one semi-regularly, one with the BMWP shifter. I see it around South/Port Melbourne/South wharf.

Questions for all of us:

Anyone have any experience in changing the rear windscreen wiper squirter (from single to dual outlet - if that makes sense)?

Usually from cold, intermittently I get a bit of a clunky feel [not crunchy] when moving up into second gear, and sometimes third. Yes, I do have the clutch in all the way. It only happens occasionally, maybe one in every 15 rides. Every other shift up or down feels smooth and properly notchy. I thought it was a synchro at first, because it would seem to be OK, so long as I let the revs die off before shifting up. But, it's not always the case. I've contacted BMW Melbourne twice about it now and each time they didn't really care too much about it. Perhaps it was because I was insistant I get a new gear box (me exaggerating). I am not really too worried about it - I will visit a specialist BM Autowerks Oakleigh, and get another opinion. If they suggest that it's an issue, I'll claim under the extended warranty I have. My friend who also owns a 130i, drove mine and said he didn't feel anything wrong. What're your experiences?
Hi mate the blue one in port Melbourne is me :-). How do you I have a performance shifter, been sneaking a peek hey? :-) next time you see me say hi. I love my one thirt had it for 3 years.