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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Over here in Bamberg - I use Reifen Wagner for my tire work/purchases. I know my place charges 60 euros IF you want four tires mounted and balanced on four alloy wheels WITH tires already on them. When I have bought new tires from them, they charge six euros to balance each wheel/tire. Mounting is free. They also will check my alignment for free! And they charge 59 euros for a four wheel alignment (w/o tax/Vat).

You could also use your base's MWR craft shop to do the job. But I would not advise you too.

You can use Google an run a search for "Reifen Stuttgart" or your local city. You should find plenty of "hits".

I would also send 1thomas a PM. He lives in Stuttgart and is German. I am sure he knows a few good places to use.

I've used places like ATU ( for winter tire purchases too. They are decent. But the shops that only sell tires like my tire store(Reifen Wagner) seem a lot better equipped to repair flats or mount and balance high performance tires.

Here is a List of all the ATU shops in the Stuttgart area...

There are also lower end shops like PitStop or EuroMaster that also sell tires. I am not a fan of those places.
Thanks! That's right, I forgot about ATU, I'm actually going to pick up an oil filter for my Peugeot and might as well get a quote.

About the MWR craftshop, OMG do I have a terrible story:

Basically last winter I went to Panzer's MWR shop, at that time I thought it was a regular mechanics/tire shop. So I decided to have "them" do the tire swap. I go there one day sign in and they hand me keys for a car lift. I was thinking... shouldn't I be handing you my keys? So I find out this is self service but they say there's a guy helping people with tires. I'm thinking how bad could it be? I've done up to a belt driven water pump to electric pump conversion in my muscle car days...
After taking off all rims, I get help from this guy going around the bays. I told him that I have factory run flats and putting on winter RFs. He hadn't worked on those before and apparently they are harder to mount. He was also under the impression that RFs use a TUBE inside the tire so my winter tires couldn't be RFs. (That should've been a go straight to a tire shop RED FLAG!!). While trying to mount the tires he was hesitant they might rip from overstretching them with the machine, and was asking me for my opinion, "do you think it will make it? should I keep pressing them?" Damn! I have no clue! (It looks bad!) Hours later we got them all on but then after pumping air they wouldn't pop on to the rim completely. Somebody else came in and suggested to just pump a lot more air... more scary moments.
...while I was grateful for their help, I'm never doing this again!