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Rough shifting into 3rd - possibly worn synchro?

So guys,

I've had my 2009 135i for some time now; it has 46k miles. I really love it, but I have a feeling there may be a slight problem with my transmission. I have a 6MT, and it has been rough going into second gear since I got the car. Lately, I have also been noticing it feeling rough when going into 3rd gear, which I haven't seen many others having a problem with. Sometimes, when I go in third gear, the shifter feels rough. It almost has a pop feeling (very hard to describe, sorry); it feels unnatural. These symptoms seem to get worse if I shift at higher RPMs.

Anyways, I am thinking it may be a bad 3rd gear synchro. I am thinking the best bet would be to take it to BMW and have them check it out. My only concern is that I am sure I will get the run around and they will claim "it's completely normal" etc which it may well be. That being said, does anyone else have a problem when shifting into third? Do you think it may be a bad synchro? Lastly, how willing is BMW to replace items such as the transmission if you are having problems? I figure it may be hard for them to even notice the problem as it doesn't do it all the time.

Thanks for the help guys, and I'm sorry I can't find the word to explain the feeling of shifting it into 3rd better.