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Originally Posted by Stohlen View Post

I cannot see any reason to drop the car over 1 inch in my opinion. Once you start tucking the wheels into the fenders, you make the car look awful.
over m-sport suspension, the fronts need to be about 1.5" lower reasonably to be flush.. rears only need like half an inch maybe
Originally Posted by Rein View Post
Which bc coilover youve got on the car? I tried looking for bc coils but they said they dont make them for the 1 series. Who supplied your bc? Are u able to give me their details?

Also whats the maximum drop on the bc? 2,3,4 inches?
BC BR's, the lowest ones.. ER's are more like $1700 or so

justjap have them for around $1300 or so? they are the same as the E9x ones, so just look for the E9x non-m

i'm not sure on the max drop, 2+ inches for sure, 3?

i'll let you know when i do it that's on an F30

Originally Posted by splitsecond View Post
Just to be clear, you do know that 4 inches equals 10 cm, right? If you dropped a 135i by 4 inches, it would be absolutely undriveable in Sydney, where there's no such thing as a flat road...
this is a good point.. even in brisbane... go lower than 10cm minimum clearance and you'd need to wind up damper stiffness.. that would SUCK

4 inches would leave <10cm clearance for sure