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Originally Posted by sparkyblue View Post
My price range is around the $1200 ball park. Ohlins would be too pricey for what I am looking for.

I've been checking the E90post sale forums lately and honestly the only brand that ever pops up are KW's & ST Speed Tech coils. Which also happen to be under the same company.

How much more are the spring rates for the E90/92 spec coils vs. the E82 1-series ones.

I looked at the thread on e90post and I see the rates here:

Lastly, since I'm looking on the used market. How long do coils generally last?
120 (pounds per inch) = 2.14295608 kilograms per millimetre ?!?!?! (stock non sport)

wow, yeah, fronts are 7kg/mm (390lb/inch)
rears are 11kg/mm often (615lb/inch)

for mine

as you see in that post, it varies per brand/model

3 series and 1 series coilovers are 100% identical though (spring rates and all) unless you customize them