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Originally Posted by GJA003 View Post
Was it a pretty easy straight forward job ? Thinking i might add CDV and Clutch stop to my list when i service my car soon.
yeah, youjust remove the CDV and plug the clutch line straight in!.. you don't NEED a hollowed one.

Originally Posted by kmli5 View Post
I got SBM to do the CDV. Just $100 supplied and fitted.
Clutch stop is piss easy, pop the old one out and in with the new.

My apologies with the 130i not being legal for P-plater. It just when I got my Ps, this was before the 4 years red & green Ps came along, the only restriction was the 126kw power-to-weight ratio. And the 130i is 141kw/T, so I thought it is illegal.
$100? LOL. it's free, just take it out.. my mechanic didn't charge me anything as it wasn't even 5 minutes of labour while they were swapping the oil.. pulled out the line, pulled out the CDV, inserted the line.

the 130i in QLD i think IS p-plate legal, but isn't if you take into account the 125kw/tonne.. but yeah, it's specifically listed as legal, scary hey?

clutch stop is also a waste imo, just learn not to push too far :/

Originally Posted by kmli5 View Post
I got mine from ebay. Others have got it from BMS.

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I had a look at BMminiparts, its doesnt look like the petrol cars has a fuel filter, but i did see that the diesel cars has a fuel strainer, but the petrol cars don't.

Anyone can shed some light in this
it's integrated with the fuel pump, a little sock thing... so yeah, it's an in-tank filter..

ED: same as a 135i, btw.