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Originally Posted by 631twentyeighteye View Post
I truly am gonna miss NA motors, they're so much more fun to drive. I love the high revving our motors like to do. If the motor in mine drops in the distant future, the only other motor I'd consider swapping in is a s52 to make it an even better NA. Torquey motors are fast but just not fun to drive. Half the 135i's on this forum can't even hook up tires since they make 400 ft/lbs at 2k rpms.
haha they only make 400ft-lb after more like 4krpm, boost only starts around 2k.

i'm personally swapping in an N54. cheaper than any other option lol

you know the N52 is actually REALLY torquey for a 3.0 NA right? it's rated at near 320ft-lb stock... mine pulls pretty hard from near idle..

Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
What would this be in Wheel hp? @ 20% loss seems to be ~220 WHP
I have yet to dyno DISA & no tune. So not sure how much DISA added , but i know the gains are there
pretty much bang on (for a dyno dynamics)

Originally Posted by 631twentyeighteye View Post
based off dyno sheets i've seen for stock 128i's, they make about 190-200 at the wheels stock. so i'd hope for 230-240 at the wheels with the DISA and a tune. Though i didnt mention i'd be getting an intake and an exhaust made to go with it.
i got (with my car BADLY needing a service) 204whp on a DD with my 130i.. i'd expect it to be around 220-225whp in healthy tune (again, on the same DD).. 190whp on a DD for a 128i would be pretty spot on in that case (235 crank?)

230-240 is way too high an estimate, at only 270 odd crank... all depends on the dyno though really.