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Originally Posted by Joe@ApexRaceParts View Post
With Camber plates you can definitely fit a 285/30/18 front tire and 18x10" ET25 in the front of your 1M. Strut clearance will be very close but you should be able to clear on an oem set up and coilover set up as long as attention is paid to the spring perch location relative to the wheel/tire. This is the maximum width for the front of your 1M. The 285/35/18 is way too tall and even with an extreme amount of negative camber it will definitely rub on the fender liners with any kind of steering angle. Also the 285/35/18 would look quite odd with that tall of a tire in the front of the car. We have 18x10" ET25 wheels available in both the ARC-8 and EC-7 models as well as camber plates for your 1M!
Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
thanks for the informative post.. I concur.. particularly regarding the 35 sidewall

I was able to fit a 285/30 Hoosier.. on a BONE STOCK CAR .. before camber plates.. see here.

it was VERY close and rubbed ever so slightly but in retrospect.. I think it would work if one is not concerned about minor rubbing... I know that I was definitely a lot more conservative back then as I did not want any fender liner damage. With camber plates.. I am sure these would work.. Might even be able to borrow that setup again from a friend to confirm....

Thanks very much for the info! Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I have been crazy busy at work as of late.

Jeff the Ec-7s are what I plan on getting. Will do Vorshlag camber plates too.

Looking at what tire options are available may make the decision for me. In the 275/35/18 I can get Michelan PSS. Those are pretty much unequivocally the best street tires out there. In the 285/30/18 the best I can find it are Potenza S-04s. I don't think these are as good a tire as the PSSs.

So, I'm thinking for now I'll probably just do 275/35/18 all around. I won't have to do camber plates immediately either which is nice as tires and wheels are going to be expensive.

Once I burn through this set maybe PSS will come in the 285/30/18 size.