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Originally Posted by wibbles
Why PPK? Is your car under warranty or an N55?

Id go for COBB - been superb on my N54 car. PPK gains are very minimal but you do get to keep the warranty.
Yes still under warranty, have about 60k kms to go and was thinking jb which I can remove when taking the car in but I just can't seem to pull the trigger.

Som guys have no issues with warranties, take it out and all is okay, other guys have theirs waranty cancelled, so I'm struggling to take that risk. It's almost pointless having a high performance car that if there is an issue you must sort it out yourself, I mean they pay for brakes, wipers... Everything and to potentially throw that away, I don't know.

Modding a car, there is always a risk, I just don't know If I am willing to take it.