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Would you buy another 135 i???

I test drove a Mini Cooper Roadster S the other day. Considering trading in my 2008 135 i for it.... However, when I looked at the sticker price on the Mini, I was shocked: 37,000.00 , and it wasn't loaded, no Nav. So,yesterday I talked with a BMW rep about the 2013 135i, and if I keep the options down ( no Nav, etc.), and I consider BMWCA, Loyalty and other discounts, the price is not much more than the Mini, equally equipped...
So my choices are:
1) Keep my car and drive into the ground..
2) Get the roadster ( I really do feel that it is over priced..)
3) Or take advantage of the value in my car, and turn it over for a 2013 135....

The new 135 i might have the N55 engine.... I have Nav on my present car, think it is a waste, and will eliminate it... Do you guys feel the same about the Nav? Would you (have you...) buy another 135i????