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New to the 135, have a few questions regarding a future purchase / maybe meetup local

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to these forums but so far they look to have a lot of great information. I've had one wrx and three STi's so I am familiar with turbo setups etc. Used to be very active in the norcal section on i-club, hoping theres a good community here for the 135 as well . Ideally I'll be getting a white DCT w/ m-package and work from there.

Before I dive in, does anybody with a catless/tuned DCT 135 (ideally some suspension work too) want to meet up for lunch on the peninsula? I work in San Mateo and would love to get a ride in a modded 135 and get some eyeballs on what the end product would be prior to switching from the sti to the 135. I will buy you lunch! I can bring my modded cayman s as well

So on to the next portion:

I had a few looks like I am probably going to go for an N55 setup. I think I know which suspension I'll install (st coilovers or bilstein B12 + m3 components), I'll probably go with catless downpipes and a berk midpipe and rear section, charge pipe, i/c, dunno what wheels and tires etc. I run forgestar wheels on the porsche, might get those.

My two main questions are based around DCT and the JB4.


Are these reliable? Would the clutch slip if I ran full turbo back catless, an intake and an intercooler with some sort of tune? I've never owned an automatic anything, but the paddles are pretty sweet and it would be for my DD so it could be nice. I also don't launch my cars ever, so the DCT wouldn't be subject to that abuse. FBO is considered to be what I've mentioned?

Side note:

The M package is required for the paddles, sport seats, sporty bumpers etc right? What about xenons?


Coming from the subaru, base maps w/ cobb for example are good for basic tunes; people get custom tuned (cobb or open source) when they want a more reliable, more specific safer map etc. Also, coming from the subaru world I know better than to go with the procede / anything shiv touches. He has a reputation in that community, at least.

Is the JB4 safe? I've never seen products that claim to autotune, and again our cars always need a manual tune. It would seem that the cobb stuff isn't out for N55 yet, so it leaves JB4 and procede. I'm not looking for debate, just honest opinion. What I don't want is a chip that blindly cranks boost and creates dangerous conditions for the motor.


I have a shop for suspension work, but are there any very well known shops for 135 engine work in the bay area? Previously I used GST, LIC or EQ tuning.

Thanks! I really look forward to jumping into a 1 series soon .