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If it matters to you, value will increase when seen through your eyes.

Market value is a different story, though.

Prospective buyers are not always as enthusiastic about options and after market gizmos as you might be. Quite some (especially those who like Q-cars [all go and no show]) will prefer to get the original parts (OEM) retrofitted, especially if the mods aren't street legal or experienced by them as a nuisance (too loud, to 'screamy', etc.) or simply because resale policy does not allow mods (for example resale to an official dealer in exchange for a new car). Keep the original parts for possible retrofitting. At resale day you might part out the mods to enthusiasts willing to pay a decent price for it.

Also, prospective buyers might associate 'modded' cars with a certain driving style and approach/philosophy which possibly affects the longevity and integrity of the car parts (perception/prejudice regardless of the real status of the car).

Finally, installing certain mods might void the warranty. Void warranty = lower resale value.

Powder coated wheels and an aftermarket exhaust ? Let's settle for a status quo of the market value of the car.

My €0.02.
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