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I came from an R56 S.. Loved it! Great for what it was. Sadly someone decided to end its life by lane changing into me at 110k on the freeway! I'm now the happy owned of a 2012 135i with the M pack and LOVE IT. I wouldnt go back to the cooper now thats for sure. You'll be drastically dissapointed with the power and FWD. The only two upshots I see are the mileage (mine would creep over 40mpg on the freeway) and the quirkyness of owning and driving a Mini.

I wouldnt ever order nav. I specifically ordered mine without the iDrive. Its cumbersome, distracting and my phone will do all that it does and more for a fraction the cost. Not to mention the nav and idrive will be outdated and unsightly before the warranty is up.