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Originally Posted by Blauweisser View Post
After being totally dazzled by all the advanced modding that goes on around here, I have a very small question .. really small.

Somehow, the chrome plating around the edge of my boot badge has flaked. I bought a new badge, but I'm a bit chicken to pry out the old one (scared of scratching the paint). Is there a recommended tool for the job, or do I have to take out all the boot lid lining and push the old one from the back?
Hey hey,

Just did a quick google search and this came up. It's pretty clear on how to remove and replace the roundel.

It looks as though they do use a plastic tool with a microfibre cloth underneath to avoid scratching the paint. The tool looks like it comes from an interior trim tool set. I'm sure it could be done carefully with a cloth and a screwdriver if you don't have or don't want to buy the tool.

Good luck.