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Originally Posted by eeghie View Post
Hi Artemis, what is your reference for this date, first time I see it?
"Now [September 13, 2012] there is an official fix. It's already being rolled-out for the X5 and X6: for other models, the re-flash will be available in around eight weeks time. For many people, that’s too long a wait, but that’s what BMW is offering."
"BMW has been working on a software upgrade to cars which will eradicate the problem for some months, and it’s now [September 14, 2012] available to owners of affected X5 and X6 models. The upgrade will be available for other cars in around eight weeks' time."
"Now [September 18, 2012] AutoExpress UK reports that BMW is offering a fix for BMWs built between 2007 and September 2011. The software upgrade will be rolled out to owners of affected X5 and X6 models. A general software upgrade will be available in the next two months."

Mid September 2012 + eight weeks or two months = mid November 2012.

On November 13, 2012 an owner of a 2008 E93 M3 DCT quoted from the PuMA released on "6/11/12" [November 6, 2012 or June 11, 2012 ?] (

Subsequently, someone posted a copy of the PuMA of the "convenience opening" or "comfort opening convenience" modification on

However, unsure whether this measure is only a temporary one or whether this is definitely the rumored "OBD security fix" including the full reflash of the BIOS (firmware).

Anyways, some other 3er owners reported from November 15, 2012 onwards that the OBD security fix is indeed available now (at least for their cars):

So things seem to be moving recently. If anyone has news about the OBD security fix for the 1M, feel free to share it.
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