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leaf blowers if used with respect for fellow neighbors are amazing tools...for me it's top on my list of tools i use at my house.... I am in the middle of 6 acres of woods...My leaf blowers saves my ass all the time for clean up.. the gutters on my house are blown out weekly as the leaves fall by me..And especially my cars..Blows a good portion of the brake dust off my wheels as well as most of the water residue after a wash and makes drying a snap.. as well as blowing off the dust on my car after a run.. I also use my leaf blower to blow of my carpets and other on my DD AWD car..faster than vacuming.Electric Turbo leaf blowers are great and i use it 99% of the time....for other times i use my gas leaf blower but i prefer the electric as it does not smell...My leaf blower saves my ass weekly...but indeed blowers should used with respect for your neighbors as they can make a dusty mess of a washed car if blown to close after its dry...