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Originally Posted by sparkyblue View Post
How was fitment with the 235/40/18 in the front. What size wheels & offsets were you running and did you have any rubbing? Are you on OEM suspension?
I am running the stock wheels, Style 264. I am lowered on H&R Sport Springs.

The ONLY rubbing is when the wheel is significantly turned and I hit a bump say pulling into a dunkin donuts or something, but I really attribute that to the fact that I'm lowered, NOT the size of the wheels. If the car is in a straight line and I hit a bump on the highway, zero rubbing in the front. Absolutely zero rubbing on the rear suspension in all scenarios.

OEM suspension will give you a better shot of never having rubbing. It's just the price we pay lowering our cars Keep in mind the stock tire size was 225/40/18's...the 235's are a HAIR bigger, beefier look...

let me know if you have anymore questions!