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Originally Posted by evilstib View Post

But I find the non concave ones fugly and to be honest, can't get a 100% commitment from apex that 275/30/18 won't require a fender pull.

But it would be ftw!!!
Any of our wheels that will fit a 1 series will not have a concave wheel face. This is due to the 1 series's very conservative strut and fender clearances. All of our wheels designed for your 1 series have maximum width fitment in mind therefore the wheels are using a slightly higher offset to fit wider tires for greater grip on the street and track. Currently tire manufacturers do not make a 275/30/18 tire size. Some of our customers have fit a 275/35/18 on the rear of their cars using our 18x9.5" ET62 ARC-8 but there are inner suspension clearance issues. If you space the wheel out than you will need to roll your rear fenders or possibly pull them depending on the type of tire used. That is why we always recommend a 265/35/18 rear tire with our 18x9.5" 1 series fitment rear wheels.