Thread: When to unveil?
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When to unveil?

So my wife decides she wants her freedom and most of my money, and drops the bomb on me. I think more out of spite than need, she makes a play for my beloved 525 it wagon that took me two years to find and another year to learn how to fix all the little nagging problems. Anyway she takes my baby and the kids, so in fits of saddnes a new girl came into my life.

She was young (2008), black (I don't discriminate), a little cheap (you know what I mean), and low miledge (12,000), and so I had to have her. Oh how she filled that void in my life. Going from 185 to 300 HP with about a 1,000' weight reduction, has really added spring to the old step. Plus I look really good in the thing and the ladies love it, especially when I chirp the tires in second. Gets a giggle every time.

So here is the dilema. When to out the new girl? So far she has stayed hidden in the garage while the kids are exchanged and the paper is finalized. Now that all is said and done, I want to get that moment of maximum impact. Maybe a hidden camera should be involved so I can catch the moment for all time to come.

What do you guys think?