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Originally Posted by builthatch View Post
one dealer said it depends on allotment if they can get an order for a 135is processed. does that make any sense?

another dealer said they don't understand what that means but they are a big store so they might not be affected by that.

i am running it by a third store but the contact i would use is on vacation until 11/19.

what the hell man, i mean, they are charging for everything when you build these things, why would they make you bend over even more and play these games with whether or not the car is available? it's a limited production based on the one year run, i understand that, but it's able to be built/ordered and the car is a 1-series with a few things that are essentiall add-ons/options.
Not sure why you would have any issues ordering a 135is, as I talked to three different dealers before I ordered mine, and none of them hesitated when it came to ordering the car, I just had to find a dealer that would give me the best price on the car and best offer on my trade.

The first dealer told me that they would not even get them in stock, they would only be available by order, and that was a decent sized dealership. Second dealer said the same as the first as far as only getting them by order. Third actually had one on the lot, but didn't have the options I wanted, so had to order. All wanted a deposit up front before they would place the order, but I expected that, and have done that with other vehicle from other manufacturers, so nothing new there.

Not sure why your dealers are having an issue...