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thanks all.

i looked on autotrader just to see what's out there but 135is returned 0 results within the all miles distance setting.

maybe i did it wrong, i'll try again. autotrader definitely has a 135is selection vs. which doesn't. 135is or 135 is as an additional search term doesn't work on i guess they aren't interested in that model, hehe.

i want titanium silver with red leather. i figure for the money they are charging for the is, i should get exactly what i want with the configuration.

it's a long story, but i have these few dealers to deal with because i use a broker. always have and hopefully will for a long time until he retires. my new STI had some terminal issues and Subaru was cooperative and made me whole, 100% satisfied with the result. i wish i could explain more but i signed an NDA as part of the deal. anyway, my broker makes life really easy and gives me such good value for my trades. he also does stuff like got me into a truck temporarily which he will give me back exactly what i paid when i get my next car. the tax paid on that purchase will be rolled into the next car, therefore offsetting the next car's tax liability by that much. sounds confusing but it's not. we've been using this guy for a long time.

anyway, so that's my story. i'm just glad to have settled on something. i was in this exact position earlier in the year before i settled on the STI, and now just a short time later it's the same deal. i was weighing out CPO 911 c2s/c4s, CPO Cayman S, CPO M3 and the new Golf R. this 135is seems like such a winner. sitting in one yesterday sealed the deal. well, it wasn't an is but a 135i with the m package stuff. anyway, i'll figure this out, i just need to stay on them with my broker's assistance. i normally wouldn't have gotten involved this much but i was trying to take charge of things a bit to expedite stuff and then i got these silly and differing responses from the dealers about this car. it'll sort itself out. i was just ranting a bit because it was surprised to see such differing answers about something seemingly so black and white.

thanks again!