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Originally Posted by CL 19 View Post
Actually I'm considering DP or MP because some people said doing only axle back will not give significant changes in the sound itself and that's why I'm asking here. So, in other words by changing my DP, I will fail the smog test? How about Mid Pipe? I just want to make sure that I'm not wasting my money for an axle back if in fact by changing my mid or down and using stock axle back will create better sound.
Yes, you will fail your smog test if you change your DPs to either catless downpipes or high flow race catted downpipes.

You will be able to change your midpipe to whatever you want as in your model of car, they make no difference at all to the emissions.

In regards to the sound, you will get the most change to the sound by changing the axleback due to the muffler. The second most change comes from the midpipes due to the resonators. The least will come from the downpipes but in your case there's not much you can do to change those unless you want to go through the hassle of swapping your stocks back in every 2 years.