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Too much camber? Tires wearing funny...

These tires were semi-new when I bought the car back in April. I'm not sure how many miles they had on them, but they looked nearly new.

I've put roughly 10k miles on them over the summer.

As you can see the inner tire is wearing extremely fast.

The toe is fine on the alignment, but it might be running too much camber.

The cars got Vorschlag camber plates - can I just bump out a tick mark on the plate towards the positive side without effecting any other settings (toe / caster)?

Should I adjust my pressures?

The rest of the tire looks pretty good, so I'd like to stretch another summer out of them if I can. I don't want to replace them with two like tires, because I'd like to move to Star Specs after next season.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

The car is lowered pretty good. Going in the garage for winter just as soon as the snow falls, but I'd like to take care of it now.