Thread: When to unveil?
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If memory serves, in Missouri property is declared at filing. What you have then is what you split. As long as you didn't use community funds to buy the new toy, you should be good. Check with your attorney for the particulars in your state.

Then, beg, borrow, hire, steal or otherwise engage the most outrageously hot woman you can find. Have her be waiting where you do the kid exchange. Once they kids are in the car and you and the ex are exchanging parting daggers, have the hottie come along, kiss you on the cheek, put her arm around you and smile innocently at your ex. Maybe introduce her as Bambi. Then get into your toy (make sure to open the door for Bambi) open the sunroof, roll down the windows and drive away. Ask Bambi to have a sly smile on her face the entire time.

How's that?