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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
I don't know why you really got that impression. Knowing how precise and objective you are in your posts I am sure that's what really happened to you, so I sincerely wonder why. Which car did you experience this and was it a full apples to apples swap between PS2 to PSS? Because I got my PSS set, stock size, just after 550 km. of my new 1M, the car was bone stock before and after, PSS being the sole difference; and all I got from first few meters was a better ride mated with better handling, balance and most of all, better traction. I admit it was not night and day difference but on any surface PSS was and after a few thousand kms. still is better (read softer, more comfortable) tire. I am not sure about the noise level, they both feel the same to me, great for such high performance tires. Maybe one day I'll put back my practically new PS2 set on again for a week or two just to see what I'll feel about them.
Yes, full apples to apples on my M3 ZCP, I run both ZCP 359M wheels with *PS2s and the 18" 219M wheel which had brand new *PS2s and now running PSSs 3-4k miles. Ride quality difference is minuscule though, but definitely slightly noisier in terms of resonance "humming" (Michelin does state that the PSS has a slightly higher decibel level than the *PS2). But my experience is with 18" OEM sizes, where the PSS is a stiffer tyre than the *PS2s, which is evident in the specification differences. Perhaps things may be different with the 19". These are minor things in the end of the day. They are about the best road tyre out there at the moment. Will be changing my 359Ms to PSSs soon, so will be interesting to see what the differences are compared to 18 inch *PS2 to PSS.

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